Fisheye & Sorts

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Well it surely has been a while since posting anything, recently i have been working on a couple of documentaries and my time spent at the computer has strictly been associated with these productions. Enough about that, i purchased a new piece of equipment for a handsome price but worth every penny, nickle & dime. Here are some slices of moments captured by this new glassy perspective. FYI what looks like a circus tent with a leathery gentlemen perched upon the ledge is the subject to one of the Documentaries I’ve been working on. I will be posting a trailer in the near future stay tuned.


Emotional Indifferences……….

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Lindsay California……….

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Recently I voluntarily put myself into a life or death situation, at first I did not think of it this way but halfway through the task I realized I miscalculated my climbing ability and swiftly needed to decide the best dismount. This blog entry is not so much about my personal experience as it is to remind myself and others how fragile we are.  Despite my 30 plus foot leap off a climbing route in Red Rocks into some jagged rocks below, I sustained minimal injuries throughout my body (L4 fracture) (lft Calcaneal fracture) and the worst injury acquired (rt calcaneal shattered) will force me to learn basic walking technique all over again.

Which leads me into exposing this series of images, last year mid summer I attended a Billy Higgins tribute at the Jazz concert hall in Hollywood with my mother. Just before entering the venue I heard a thump thump sound as if something large smashed into a large duffle bag full of cabbage followed with wooing and a quick visual of a screeching car turning the corner block.

After pinpointing the sound of commotion I hustled over to where I found this man lying supine being assisted by a citizen holding c-spine (immobilization of head). Quickly severing my desire to help I swiftly took out my camera and proceeded to shoot some images. The man was launched more or less 40 to 50 feet from the cross walk in where his one shoe, skateboard, and backpack stayed put.

Miraculously he was talking and describing to us what it was he was doing before the accident. This blog entry is a reminder to myself and others in how fragile we are, and to never take what our bodies have to offer for granted………….

Collection Of Moments……………

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Day of the Dead…………

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The second hand will race around its dial, all will be contained in an instant……..and perhaps it will be possible to live, even after death.

-Jose Gorostiza

Buoyant Creations…………..

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This surfboard designer who goes by “DANO” works out of Huntington Beach, he allowed me to capture a few stills of his shop. Pretty beautiful work space……….i am so grateful to document this messy but beautiful process…….