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     Initially I met Thomasina and Cedar in “Hueco” Texas in 2009 during a rock climbing (bouldering) trip in where I spent more or less several days with them. At first I was completely taken back by the beautiful aura these to ladies possessed especially Cedar at age two singing melodies with perfect tonal pitch. One evening, oblivious to which and where they were living Thomasina invited me for tea, upon arrival to their living quarters the sliding door to their Toyota “Previa” van opens, revealing sheer simplicity. Everything a mother and child would ever need was comprised upon this small but well-groomed van interior. My mental fingers immediately started poking at my subconscious telling me to photograph this incredible setup. Ill equipped with no camera I was forced to just sip my tea and watch mother daughter combo play pixie sticks on the floor of this incredible home.

Earlier this year I ran into Thomasina and Cedar in “Bishop” California and this time I was well equipped with a camera.  Shy at first  I was to ask Thomasina to let me do a photo story on her and daughter. Considering she doe’s not like pictures of herself I was grateful she allowed me to share a few days with her and Cedar. I need to stop writing and let the images take over but I must say this last bit. Thomasina is not just one of the world’s strongest women professional rock climbers and part time Doula, but has chosen to live on the road with her daughter climbing place to place. Up until meeting these two I have been told a single mother raising there child on the road was not ideal, just for the record this dynamic duo proves otherwise. Cedar is one of the most exquisite children I have ever met; she seems to be in sync with the earths pulse. I am not saying the proper way to raise a child needs to be solely out of a van but a balance I believe needs to be implemented. Thomasina has created a lifestyle in where she follows her passion, in conjunction with incorporating into it a childhood experience for her daughter, by default creating the perfect play ground with some of most beautiful jungle gym’s in the world.

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